4 Best Commercial Vacuums for Carpet in Small to Medium Size Facilities

Debris can build up on your carpets easily, especially if you have a lot of foot traffic in and out of your building. 

Removing as much dirt, soil, and debris as possible is important to help extend the life of your carpets as well as maintain appearance. 

Dirt and soils can cut the fibers in your carpet and lead to dull, dirty-looking carpets.

When choosing a commercial vacuum for your carpeted floors, you may be wondering which is the right one for your facility.

You will need to select a vacuum that is able to properly remove dirt from a commercial carpet. 

In this article, we’ll review the 4 best commercial vacuums for carpets and the features that make them effective at cleaning carpeted floors.

What Are The Best Vacuums For Carpets?

We recommend using either a backpack vacuum or an upright vacuum to clean your commercial carpets. 

A backpack vacuum will offer excellent mobility and allow you and your cleaning staff to choose the right floor cleaning tool to achieve the best soil removal.

An upright vacuum will offer the best soil removal for a carpet. They have a brush roller with bristles that can dig deep in the carpet and loosen soils.

No matter the type of commercial vacuum, another important feature to look for when searching for the best vacuum for carpeted floors is good filtration. 

Carpets can store a lot of dust and dander. A good filtration system will help ensure that these contaminants are removed and contained, preventing them from being re-distributed into the air.

For cleaning commercial carpets, we recommend 4 commercial vacuums:

  1. CERTO ® Dual Motor Upright
  2. CERTO ® HEPA Backpack
  3. ProTeam ® ProForce 1500
  4. ProTeam ® Super Coach Pro 6

All of the vacuum options we will suggest in this article have a 50-foot power cord that will require the machines to be used in the range of an outlet.

These vacuums differ in the brush type, cleaning capacity, and filtration that each machine has.

1. CERTO ® Dual Motor Upright

The CERTO ® Dual Motor Upright Vacuum is an upright commercial vacuum designed to offer you and your cleaning staff increased maneuverability. 

CERTO Dual Motor Upright Commercial Vacuum

This vacuum has a dual motor that controls the vacuum suction and the brush roller separately. 

This will allow you and your cleaning staff to turn on both motors to clean the carpet or just the suction when using the accessories.

The L-shaped, self-adjusting vacuum head will make it easier to move from area to area during vacuuming.


The CERTO ® Dual Motor Upright vacuum has a 15-inch L-shaped head that can make cleaning under furniture like desks, waiting room chairs, and other furniture easier.

In addition to the L-shaped head, this vacuum also comes with both a 23-inch wand attachment and a hose attachment that can stretch up to 6 feet. 

Cleaning Capacity

This machine has a HEPA media filter bag capacity of 3.25 quarts. 

While this is smaller compared to other vacuums, the vacuum will weigh less when full and reduce operator fatigue during use.


The HEPA media filters on this vacuum can trap up to 98.73% of the contaminants that are picked up from the carpet.

HEPA media filtration can help improve your facility’s indoor air quality (IAQ) by stopping small contaminants from re-entering the air.

Selecting a vacuum with a HEPA media filter will help you avoid the negative effects of poor IAQ and protect the health of your building occupants.

Brush Type

This Dual Motor Upright has a brush roller which will make it easy to remove dirt and debris from the carpet.

Unlike other vacuums, the vacuum head is self-adjusting. This means that the vacuum can be used to clean a variety of carpet pile heights without needing manual brush height changes so the operator doesn't have to guess which is best.

2. CERTO ® HEPA Backpack

The CERTO ® HEPA Backpack is a lightweight backpack vacuum that not only removes soils but also is designed to enhance the indoor air quality of your facility. 

CERTO HEPA Backpack Vacuum

This vacuum comes with cleaning tools that will allow you to achieve clean carpets though this vacuum doesn’t have a brush roller. This backpack vacuum can be used to clean low pile carpets in your facility.


Backpack vacuums offer increased versatility and mobility when compared to an upright vacuum.

This backpack vacuum comes with a 2-piece wand that increases the reach of the operator and allows for easy cleaning in tight spaces and under furniture.

Operators can also move around your facility freely without worrying about the body of the vacuum bumping into doorways or other furniture.

The CERTO ® HEPA Backpack vacuum is also designed to blow exhaust away from the operator’s body. This keeps the operator cooler and prevents them from overheating.

Cleaning Capacity

The CERTO ® HEPA Backpack has a cleaning capacity of 10 quarts. This is the largest cleaning capacity for the vacuums that we have included on this list.

When using this large capacity vacuum, your cleaning staff will be able to use it to clean your facility several times without having to worry about constant vacuum bag changes.

The vacuum bag on this machine can be changed without risk of the bag tearing even when full because it’s made of strong spunbond-meltdown-spunbond (SMS) cloth material.


The CERTO ® HEPA Backpack vacuum is equipped with a HEPA media filter bag that will be able to contain a large percentage of contaminants that are removed from your carpets. 

Like the Dual Motor Upright, the HEPA media filter on this machine will help improve the IAQ (indoor air quality) in your facility.

Brush Type

Unlike most upright vacuums, backpack vacuums do not have brush rollers.

However, the CERTO ® HEPA Backpack comes with a variety of floor cleaning tools including:

  • 2 Piece Wand
  • Hard Floor Tool
  • Crevice Tool
  • Dusting Brush
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Carpet Paddle
  • Hose
  • Carpet Tool

The carpet paddle that this vacuum comes with doesn’t have bristles, so this will be more effectively used on a shorter pile carpet.

3. ProTeam ® ProForce 1500XP

The ProTeam ® ProForce 1500XP is an upright vacuum that delivers increased reach, soil removal, and durability when cleaning carpeted floors. 

This vacuum also has a dual motor that provides power and efficiency so that you can thoroughly remove dirt and debris from your carpets.

ProTeam ProForce Upright Vacuum

The dual motor on this vacuum controls the suction and the brush roller separately. This will allow you to use both motors to clean your floors or just the suction in order to use the cleaning accessories.


The ProForce 1500XP has a 15-inch small cleaning path that will allow you and your cleaning team to clean in tight spaces, like between desks and under chairs. 

The L-shaped head of the vacuum will also make it easier to clean along walls and around furniture that would otherwise be an obstacle.

This vacuum also comes with a cleaning hose that can reach up to 6 feet and a wand that can be used to clean under and around furniture.

Additionally, this vacuum has rubberized wheels that allow for smooth movement over your carpeted floor without loss of suction.

Cleaning Capacity

The bag capacity for the ProForce 1500 is 3.25 quarts.

The slim design of the vacuum can clean under chairs, desks, and around other obstacles.

This vacuum is perfect for easy cleaning in small facilities.


The vacuum has a three-stage HEPA media filtration system that captures about 98.73% of dirt, dust, and soils at 0.3 microns.

Using this vacuum will be able to lower the number of contaminants that are recirculated into the air during cleaning.

Brush Type

Since the ProTeam ® ProForce 1500XP is an upright vacuum, it has a brush roller.

The vacuum has a dual motor, which will allow you to run the suction and brush together or turn the brush off when using the attachments.

This machine also comes with tools that can enhance your cleaning procedures. The crevice tool in particular helps to remove soils from corners and crevices so you have a uniform clean across the floor of your facility. 

4. ProTeam ® Super Coach Pro 6

The ProTeam ® Super Coach Pro 6 is a lightweight backpack vacuum that will offer the operator increased maneuverability and reduced fatigue during use.

When using this vacuum, you and your cleaning staff won’t need to worry about having to pull or push a vacuum across the floor. 

ProTeam Supercoach Pro 6

This backpack vacuum is perfect for use on low pile carpeting and hard flooring.


This vacuum is lightweight and because of the size, it’s easy on the body of the operator.

You will not have to worry about the vacuum accidentally bumping into walls or objects because the body of the vacuum is on the back of the operator. 

Cleaning Capacity

The ProTeam ® Super Coach has a 6-quart vacuum capacity. A 6-quart vacuum bag will allow you and your cleaning staff to clean your facility without interruptions from needing to empty the bag.


The ProTeam ® Super Coach has 4-level HEPA media filtration. This HEPA media filtration will trap up to 99.63% of contaminants at 0.3 microns and stop them from re-entering the air.

The filtration on the vacuum will reduce the number of contaminants in your facility and increase the health and safety of your guests.

Brush Type

This backpack vacuum does not have a brush roller but comes with a carpet tool that has bristles that will remove dirt, dust, and debris from the carpet. 

The Xover floor tool is meant for use with low pile carpets and hard surfaces. 

Final Thoughts

The right vacuum for your facility’s commercial carpets will be able to remove dirt and debris from your carpet.

You can choose between an upright and a backpack vacuum to clean your commercial carpets. 

While an upright vacuum has a brush roller that will be able to provide you with a deeper clean, backpack vacuums are easily maneuverable in your facility.

There are different features that make each of these vacuums one of the best for cleaning commercial carpets.

If you have both hard and low pile carpeted floors in your facility, you will benefit from using either the CERTO ® HEPA backpack or the ProTeam Super Coach Pro 6 backpack vacuum to clean your floors.

If you have a high pile carpet, the best vacuum for your facility will be either the CERTO ® Dual Motor Upright or the ProTeam ® ProForce 1500 XP.

If you’re located in the United States, we stock these, and other, vacuums for your unique floor cleaning needs.

Visit our Vacuums Product page to find the right machine for you today!