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Vacuums are a more productive way to clean the hard floors in your facility. Not only can you and your janitorial team achieve quicker cleaning times, but you can also improve your cleaning outcomes.

When choosing a vacuum for cleaning your hard floors, you might be wondering which is the right one for you.

The best vacuum for your hard floors is not going to be the same type of vacuum that should be used on carpeted floors. Upright vacuums with a brush will scatter debris without removing it from the floor.

We recommend using a backpack vacuum on hard floors. Backpack vacuums don’t have brush rollers, but they can be used with a variety of cleaning attachment tools that can make cleaning more efficient for your hard floors.

Backpack vacuums are also more versatile than the other types of vacuums and can increase worker productivity by up to 230%.

Below, we’ll review two of the best vacuums for hard floors and some of the features that make them perfect for use on hard surface floors.

What Is The Best Vacuum For Hard Floors?

The best vacuum for hard floors will have a combination of features that help it to remove soils without causing damage.

Vacuums that are used on hard floors should be compatible with various different floor cleaning attachments to prevent damage and debris scatter.

These attachments will make it easier for you and your cleaning team to reach under furniture and into tight spaces. 

If you use a vacuum with a brush roller to clean your hard floors, you may notice scratches or damage caused by the hard bristles. 

Another important feature of the best vacuums for hard floors is the proper airflow and static lift. When combined, the airflow and static lift of a vacuum are what allow the vacuum to remove soils and carry them to the tank.

We recommend the CERTO ® HEPA Backpack Vacuum and the ProTeam® Super Coach Pro for hard floors. Both of these vacuums are commercial backpack vacuums that are easy to use and provide versatility for hard floor cleaning.

The two options that we will provide below differ in size, cleaning tools, and filtration.

CERTO ® HEPA Backpack

The CERTO ® HEPA Backpack is a lightweight

backpack vacuum that is easily maneuverable and comfortable for you and your staff to wear. 

This backpack vacuum comes with a hard floor tool with soft bristles so you can avoid scratches and damage on your floors. 

And, the CERTO ® HEPA Backpack is whisper-quiet, at only 68 DB, which will limit disruptions to the people in your building.

Power Source

The CERTO ® HEPA Backpack vacuum is cord-electric. It comes with a 16 gauge, 50-foot power cord.

This long power cord allows your cleaning staff to have consistent power for the vacuum as long as they are within reach of the outlet.

Cleaning Capacity

This backpack vacuum has a 10-quart HEPA media vacuum bag.

The vacuum bag is made out of an SMS (Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond) lined cloth bag for increased strength. With this filter, you and your staff can change out your vacuum bag with little to no risk of the bag tearing. 

Cleaning Tool Kit

The CERTO ® HEPA Backpack Vacuum comes with an 8-piece tool kit. The toolkit includes:

  • 2 Piece Wand
  • Hard Floor Tool
  • Crevice Tool
  • Dusting Brush
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Carpet Paddle
  • Carpet Tool
  • Hose

These tools make it easier for you and your staff to achieve your desired cleaning outcomes. 

Airflow and Static Lift

The CERTO® Backpack Vacuum offers a high airflow and static lift.

Together, this allows for this vacuum to remove dirt, debris, and dust and ensure that it’s carried all the way to the vacuum bag.

Additionally, the body design of this backpack vacuum allows for constant airflow even when the bag is filled to the top.

In most vacuums, a full bag will reduce the airflow and can lead to damaged vacuum parts. The design of the CERTO ® HEPA Backpack will help avoid the risk of the motor overheating if the vacuum is used when it’s full.

The vacuum’s air exhaust is blown away from the operator's body so there will be no excess heat, which increases safety for the user. 


This vacuum has a HEPA media filter bag that will trap contaminants that are removed from the floor during vacuuming.

By using HEPA media filters, small particles that are captured won’t be able to re-enter the air once they’ve been removed from your floors. 

This can help you improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your facility and avoid causing health issues for your building occupants.

ProTeam® Super Coach Pro 6

The ProTeam® Super Coach Pro 6 is another great backpack vacuum option for hard floor cleaning.

Not only does the Super Coach Pro offer great maneuverability and user comfort, but it is offered in a lightweight 6-quart size. 

Power Source

The ProTeam ® Super Coach Pro is cord electric.

This vacuum comes with a 50-foot power cord. The power cord is bright yellow and will be able to be seen by the people in your building so they can avoid trip and fall injuries.

This 50-foot power cord also allows your staff to have consistent cleaning because the vacuum isn’t limited to battery power.

Cleaning Capacity

The ProTeam Super Coach Pro comes with a 6-quart tank. The weight of the entire machine is just 11.6 pounds. 

This 6-quart machine is lightweight and makes it easier for your staff to move around your facility while cleaning. This is a very common-sized tank for a backpack vacuum, but your staff will need to empty the tank more often. 

Cleaning Tool Kit

This vacuum comes with a variety of different cleaning tools that can help your staff work more easily and efficiently.

The ProTeam Super Coach vacuum comes with tools like:

  • Xover Tool
  • 2-Piece Wand
  • Crevice Tool
  • Dusting Brush
  • Upholstery Tool

Each tool has a specific purpose and will allow the vacuum to be used in a variety of cleaning applications.

The Xover tool for this machine is 14 inches. It can be used on your hard floors to remove dirt, dust, and other soils without spreading them. 

This tool increases the cleaning path of the vacuum and cleans your floors without the use of damaging bristles.

Airflow and Static Lift

That makes for very efficient dirt removal and ensures that it’s carried all the way to the vacuum bag.


This machine comes equipped with four-level filtration with HEPA media.

There is a filter in the vacuum bag, a cloth filter, a pre-filter, and a HEPA exhaust filter. Working together, these filters protect the people in your facility from any contaminants that may be redistributed into the air.

Commercial HEPA media filters are highly effective at trapping and removing contaminants in your building and keeping them out of the air. 

With this system, the HEPA media, filters trap up to 99.63% of all airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns. 

Small particles captured in the HEPA media filter will not return to the air once your floors have been vacuumed.

This will help improve the IAQ of your building and protect the health and safety of your guests.


Final Thoughts

A backpack vacuum will be able to increase your cleaning productivity and allow you to achieve greater cleaning outcomes.

We suggest the ProTeam ® Super Coach Pro and the CERTO ® HEPA Backpack Vacuums for your hard floor.

Both of these backpack vacuums offer exceptional cleaning efficiency and increased worker productivity. 

The different hard floor tools that these vacuums come with will affect the way they remove dirt and dust from your commercial hard floors.

If you’re located in the United States, we stock these, and other, vacuums for your unique floor cleaning needs.

Visit our Vacuums Product page to find the right machine for you today!

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