ProTeam Exhaust Filter made from HEPA Media (2Pk)

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As part of ProTeam's Four Level Filtration system, these commercial-grade exhaust filters made from HEPA media are essential to improving Indoor Air Quality.

This HEPA Media filter improves indoor air quality during vacuum use by keeping captured particles from leaving through the machine's exhaust.

As an integral component of your compatible ProTeam® vacuum, this filter improves its longevity, keeping dust and other minute particles from damaging the machine's internal parts.

An intuitive design makes replacement quick and simple to manage by snapping the piece in place.

About This Item:

  • Compatible With: Super Coach Pro 10, Super Coach Pro 6, & GoFee Flex Pro
  • Proteam Exhaust Filters Are Easy To Remove And Replace
  • Exhaust Filter Made From HEPA Media
  • Case Pack: 2

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