Square Scrub 23" Blue 3-D Scrub Tile and Grout Pad (1Pk)

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Square Scrub’s Blue 3-D Scrub Tile and Grout Pad for the Doodle Scrub EGB-9 is extremely durable in construction ensuring a tough, professional clean.

This pad is best used wet on surfaces like grouted tile floors, terrazzo, poured non-slip, concrete and other uneven floors.

Its size and shape makes it ideal to fit into all areas, ensuring a total clean. Built to tackle heavy duty cleaning challenges, this pad can handle vigorous use.

With longer bristles and more scrubbing material per square inch, the blue pad scrubs deeper and lasts longer than the traditional green pads.

The new velcro backing reduces friction between the plate and pad to increase the life of the pad. And, it has an integrated hook and latches backing also helping to make the pad last longer and reduce slips between the pad and cleaning unit.

About This Item:

  • Fits: Doodle Scrub EBG-9
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Size: 23 Inches x 16 Inches
  • 1 Inch Thickness
  • For Use On Tile Floors, Terrazzo, Poured Non-slip, Concrete And Other Uneven Floors
  • Case Pack: 1

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